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Hey y'all my name is Megan Carolina, I am 21 years old living in the greatest state of Texas! I enjoy blogging and just being able to write about the things I like. This page is titled "Get to know me" so I am going to share with you a few things that I love. 

- Traveling: I love love to travel and just see the different cultures while experiencing different things,I truly find myself while traveling. (y favorite place I've been to is India) 

- oils: Recently I've been researching different things about toxic chemicals and things like that so I've gotten into essential oils. Its been fun making my own cleaning products and blends!

- Yoga: I love doing yoga its honestly a great outlet from my busy life and it resets me. 

- Baking: Ever since I've gotten my own kitchen I love to bake, its also therapy for me because I love just zoning in to what I am making.

- Dog/ plant mom: I do not have kids but my dog Chloe and all my plans have became my children.

- Disney: I love all things disney ever since I was a little girl and I feel like as I got older my love for Disney grew even more. 

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