Loving our Earth 

IN life you have twO homes

Earth + Your body.

Take care of them.

Every day is Earth day 

We have to treat our Earth very special, we only get one Earth and we can't return it for another one. This is why its so important for YOU as a person to do anything big or small to help change the earth. Nothing is too big or too small. Use less plastic, pick up trash, use less energy, recycle, or anything you can think of to help the Earth one step at a time. 



Be aware of what is going on in our world and how you can help. Be aware of the products and daily things you use that don't help the earth.  



Yes you are one person but the change one person makes by themselves makes a difference. Don't just tweet about it, do it. 



Love is one of the greatest things we as human do, so if we are capable of loving others we can love this earth and the beautiful animals. 



The earth is voiceless and isn't able to tell us  how it is feeling. Be an advocate for the voiceless and speak up. 

Ways to use less plastic 

Metal Straws

Metal straws are a cute and eco friendly way to help the environment. We use billions of straws per year and by using a metal straw this can decrease the amount of straws per year. I have this and I am in love they come with a bag to take them on the go (yes i take them when i go out to eat) and cleaning utensils for proper cleaning!

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